Shirt Laundry

With our shirt laundry services, we process the shirts in a proprietary enzyme detergent which will enhance the color of your shirts, while at the same time leaving them gentle so that they can last for long. You will also be delighted to know that all shirts are cleaned as per your preferred starch preferences and they are hand pressed to obtain the perfect finish.

At Ocean Cleaner and Alteration, we have what it takes to take good care of your shirts. We offer the best dry cleanings services for shirts here in Point Loma, San Diego. With every shirt we clean, we will do it with great care, always mindful of all the important aspect that need to maintained to keep the shirt looking great at all times.
Whenever you replace a button in your shirt, we will also give special considerations to the cuffs and collars. In most cases, we love to send back your shirt looking much better than you sent it.

Shirt Laundry Service San Diego