Ladies Clothing

Every piece of lady’s cloth you get to us will be treated as if it is just from a store in Saks, Fifth Avenue. Probably, it is never a good idea to take that high end couture that is the pearl of your wardrobe and leave it with jut any other cleaner. Instead, bring it to us, where you will be assured of that it will be in the hands of real professionals who will accord it the tender care it deserves.

We have the expert hands when it comes to cleaning and washing of your fine linen products, including but not limited to sequins, delicate silks, beads, fine knits, and lace and metallic threads. You will be excited to know that we also offer specialized services for your pressed and hand painted fabrics. If you are a lady, you need to look no further than Ocean Cleaners and Alterations. Every cloth you bring to us will get back to you looking great and ready to wear.

Ladies Clothing Cleaning Service in Downtown San Diego