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Are you experiencing any trouble in getting rid of the dirt and every pet hair that might be present on your pillows, sofa cushions and the decorative drapes? Relieve yourself of such troubles by letting Ocean Cleaners and Alteration take care of your household cleaning needs. We take great care while cleaning your home textiles, just as if they were ours.

With every piece you bring to us, we will return it looking fresh and new, as if it is right from the manufacturer. Bring back the brand new feeling to your household textiles by having them spotlessly cleaned by the real professionals.

Duvet/ Blanket Cleaning

Ocean Cleaners and Alteration is the best place to have your duvets and blankets cleaned in San Diego. Our interest is not just to clean your clothes on a weekly basis, but also to offer tender care for your other household and bedroom textiles. With our unique cleaning solutions, we can restore your bedroom blankets, sheets, and duvets so that they remain fresh and clean for your comfort and hygiene in the bedroom.

We also take care of your dusty blinds and curtains which are usually forgotten when the rest of the bedroom textile are being washed.

Rug Cleaning

Are you looking for the best place to get your Persian rugs cleaned? Well, look no further than Ocean Cleaner and Alteration. We clean rugs of all types and sizes, with specialty in Persian and Oriental Rugs.

Remember that the rug you got during your last trip to India is a perfect definition of beauty, but this can only be sustained through special care when it comes to cleaning. No all people who claim to clean rugs will actually get the job done, and this is why it is imperative that you work with the experts.

At Ocean Cleaners and Alteration, we have the skills, experience and the tools needed any kind of rug. The size, the shape and the material doesn’t really matter. Additionally, we use imported chemicals to preserve your rug once we are done with the cleaning.

Always give your rug the special treatment it deserves if you want to enjoy using it for a long time.

Household-Comforter-Blanket-Bedspreads-Drape-Duvet-Table Cloth Cleaning Service in Downtown San Diego
Table Cloth Cleaning Service in Downtown San Diego