Premium Quality Dry Cleaning Service

Ocean Cleaners and Alterations is a mark of premium quality Dry Cleaning in Point Loma, San Diego. We guarantee unmatched results and high quality services. Our team of dry cleaning experts use ECO Friendly products and solvents that have the power to completely clean removable stains, leaving your clothes felling fresh with a brand new look!

Ocean Cleaners and Alterations is always available and can be relied upon for all your dry cleaning needs. We personally ensure that every cloth that comes in, is delivered in the best condition. Our services are built upon the need to satisfy customers and deliver best results. there are many dry cleaning services in Point Loma, San Diego but once you come to us, you’ll never go anywhere else! We ensure quality and timely results and over the years have developed the reputation of being the most reliable dry cleaning service in all of Point Loma, San Diego.


Ironing and Steam Pressing Service

It is very possible for the household to turn into a place of unending cleaning and upkeep chores. If you want to take a break from the day to day cleaning exercises, bring us all the dirty and wrinkled clothes and we will take care of them. Every article we return to you will be steam pressed and ironed to ensure that they are ready for use immediately you leave our shop.

With our ironing and steam pressing services, you will get back some precious time you need from your daily busy schedule. The experience you get from us is so personalized that you will think that we work for you and you alone. With us therefore, you will get that little edge in life required to keep you one step ahead of the pack, while looking at your best all the time.

Men’s Suit

Many people are never aware that men’s professional wear are soft and delicate, hence can’t be subjected to the normal rinse cycles then heat dried as is usually the case with other men’s clothing. In many occasions, whenever men get back their suits and ties from the cleaners, they find that the pants and coats have been over washed or mistreated in one way or the other.

When we take care of your suits however, we exercise great care and caution to ensure that once we are done, the suit will be spotlessly clean without ever hurting the sensitive fabric. Whether it is a soup stain on your tie after a lunch date or grime and dirt on the collar, we have the skills and the appropriate tools to make your suits looking as good as new. We offer personalized attention to each piece of clothing we deal with, since this is the only way to give you the personal attention you deserve as our client.

Ladies Clothing

Every piece of lady’s cloth you get to us will be treated as if it is just from a store in Saks, Fifth Avenue. Probably, it is never a good idea to take that high end couture that is the pearl of your wardrobe and leave it with jut any other cleaner. Instead, bring it to us, where you will be assured of that it will be in the hands of real professionals who will accord it the tender care it deserves.

We have the expert hands when it comes to cleaning and washing of your fine linen products, including but not limited to sequins, delicate silks, beads, fine knits, and lace and metallic threads. You will be excited to know that we also offer specialized services for your pressed and hand painted fabrics. If you are a lady, you need to look no further than Ocean Cleaners and Alterations. Every cloth you bring to us will get back to you looking great and ready to wear.